Friday, March 30, 2012

General Thoughts on Internet Pornography

The internet is so powerful, but very much so to those who use it.  Those who are preoccupied with net porn are at once feeding an industry which helps fuel tech, at least indirectly, but also are neurologically exposing themselves to powerful changes.

The idea of Utopia is at the heart of hedonism for the positive minded.  They see a limitless expanse of good feeling and compatibility and in some ways porn captures that idea.

But when the physical effects of such powerful interfacing cause the onset of lopsided views upon reality, the subject of this mutation must take stock of the change.

The problem is in the highly rigid codes society uses to function and which are totally subverted and skewed online.  In a major city on any day, one would never behold the sights one could easily conjure with technology behind closed doors.  If one values the private experience too much and never links it with the rest of life's responsibilities and cause and effects one ends up isolating into a realm of illusion.  When interested parties follow in order to rescue, the shame of one's preference causes panic and damage.

If society instead allows for the reality of fanatical fantasizing and educates and assists those who wish to put it into perspective, the problem is ammeliorated.

The other problem is children.  Child sex abuse and the access to pornography for children is an issue which those currently in authority never had to face.  The internet is new.  As such there are massive areas of ignorance and apathy regarding the facts, or there is over reaction and uncontrolled wrath.  Balance should be sought as changing norms continue to dictate our shared futures.

Kids are our greatest resource and responsibility.  Their education, happiness and strength produces powerful, compassionate people to help our species ever evolve.  Children must be protected but not merely by way of control.  Instead of just attempting to police people's minds, instead offer sober and healthy world views at every turn.  Inspire the masses to continue to seek the highest and best good for all.

PEACE and keep on improving!

Stanley Gemmell

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