Sunday, March 11, 2012


THE THREE MODES OF APPROACHING GOD mentioned in Irwin Kula "You Shall Rejoice In Your Festival" downloadable here: are:


If one looks at Pharmakon as related by Jacques Derrida in "Dissemination" the drug may be seen as part poison, part cure, part magic charm.

Drug as poison is when it harms either intentionally or not.  Drug as cure is when it heals.  Drug as charm indicates an intensification both for good and/or ill.

The three modes of sacrifice indicate an approach to God based on self truth.  Thanks to God when all is well, a nervous approach when one needs help and an approach asking forgiveness when one knows one did wrong.

What if the Drug is a catalyst for these three approaches?  If when one ingests, one automatically reacts according to deep rooted logic of mystery necessary for elevating one's state?  When you take a psychedelic, depending on what kind of voyage you take, the result being a more integrated awareness and more fully developed skill set for action...

The only responsible, educated use of a psycho active substance is one which more securely enhances one's ability to think, know and act.  If drug users take more notes from long established traditions in the ever growing area of soul-mind-body inter-action, more life-improving experiences will be generated using psychoactives ofr vehicle!  CHEERS


  1. In the spirit of futural visionary harmony, I submit that our world culture indeed celebrates pleasure and creativity, it just is too violent! Psychedelic plants and their chemical derivatives have been noted to have pacifying effects upon people by helping them to open their minds. While taking a ritual tea in the Amazon Jungle may be part of a religion, the reason why I reference one of the major world religions is that the problem associated with illegal drug use and the destructive powers of hedonism in general stem from a lack of informed, educated context.

    Religions contextualize their visionary experiences and thus protect their members from the possibility of psychic unraveling. Recreational drug users have no such frame of reference, and could stand to gain by comparing what they do with what others have done for centuries, albeit in different guises.

    It is all the same thing, ultimately, seeking, and the sad reality is that many of this day and age's seekers are left out in the cold, to find their own way. Seekers should be clever and model their personal experiences after the great, successful ones as are found recorded in holy texts and elsewhere!